Welcome to Chiptos.

If you're here you're probably interested in what is happening in the world of Chiptos. You can consider these our official documents. Although this document will be an ever-evolving and updating document of the whole world of Chiptos. We will keep track of our vision, current initiatives, and history here.
Chiptos is for people who have a deep appreciation for technology and the role it plays in our lives.
Chiptos is a brand that resonates with those who cherish their earliest encounters with computers, and whose minds have been captivated by the wonders of technology. Our ultimate aim is to forge a brand that gives individuals a world where their love for technology and creativity can truly flourish.
Whether it is through gaming, programming, artistry, or the physical aspects of computing technology, it is undeniable what computers have done for all these industries. That's why we all found ourselves exploring the blockchain and NFTs. We're fascinated with where technology is today, where it's going, and all the things that are only possible because of tech.
Chiptos is for people who appreciate craftsmanship and quality. The debut of the Chiptos brand started with the Chiptopunk sculpture, which was made out of real computer parts. The next was the Chiptos 512 collection, 512 3D rendered versions of that sculpture. This collection alone took over 30,000 minutes of computing to render. That is what pushing the boundaries looks like! The Chiptos X collection is the same, we went above and beyond to create a collection that exemplified the 3D ability of our team and the hardware we were using. Chiptos X features 14 different character designs which took 11 months to complete and render.
A collection like Chiptos 512 or Chiptos X would have been impossible for two guys to create 15-20 years ago. Chiptos demonstrates how anyone can harness the latest advancements to produce art that captivates and astonishes. We embrace the idea that artistry knows no bounds and that the evolution of computer hardware opens up previously uncharted avenues of artistic expression.
Chiptos is for people who know the world needs new Robot IP to reflect the digital age.
We believe the world has a serious lack of compelling and interesting robot IP, let alone robot IP built for the digital or internet age. You're probably a robot fan if you're here, I just ask you to sit and think about robots in media. Who is the first character that comes to mind and how old is that IP? We want to transform the world of robot IP by creating a collection of robots that is cohesive in design and is touching upon things that are culturally relevant. The biggest culturally relevant aspect of our brand is the computer parts. The very thing our characters are built out of is a relatively new phenomenon, but a massive and growing community and segment of the market. Computer parts are permeating culture and the world at large can grasp the idea of what we are building. This is why we're so excited about Chiptos because we are the first brand to be combining computer parts and robots in a major way.
Chiptos aims to unite a community that thrives on pushing boundaries, imagining the future, honoring technology, and embracing the power of computer parts to create a world where imagination becomes reality.
Welcome to Chiptos.