Meet the Founders

Ahmed aka GaperArt.

Co-Founder —


Hi, I'm Ahmed aka GaperArt. I immigrated to the US from Bosnia with my family when I was young. I was always attracted to computers and spent all my time discovering the internet and learning how these machines worked. I fell in love with computers and everything about them. I built my first PC when I was 15 and got into programming around the same time. I started off with Java writing MC plugins and mods, from there I got into Python, JS and most recently Solidity. I am the full-time dev for the Chiptos project.

I got into the NFT space as an artist creating hardware induced glitch art (I overclocked my GPU to create the glitches.) The success of that initial collection inspired and motivated me to build the first Chiptopunk sculpture. I went on to also build a 7-foot sculpture made out of motherboards that we put in Times Square during NFT-NYC 2021.

"Chiptos for me is a representation of my life. I love computers and technology and what it has allowed me to create for myself and my family and how much it has opened my eyes to the world around me. I look at the Chiptos we’ve created and it brings me back to that moment I had as a kid staring at the Windows XP background and googling different images of anything I could think of to change it into my desktop background. It reminds me of my first time playing Runescape, and trying to use Cheat Engine to hack gold. It takes me back to the first PC I ever built."

I truly believe in the potential of what we're building here at Chiptos and I am very excited for the road ahead.

If you're interested in learning more about me, I have a full length biography here - FULL BIO HERE

Cam Taylor

Co-Founder —


Hi Everyone, I'm Cam from Vancouver Canada. Since I was a kid, art has always been a big part of my life. From being obsessed with sketching, to doing woodwork and carvings with my Grandpa, I was always making things! This passion to create transformed when I found Hip Hop culture in 1995. I got heavy into Graffiti and Break Dancing. For years I was obsessed with becoming the best Graffiti artist I could be, painting murals, freights, bombing, canvas, and more. Then I had to grow up and choose a career!

In 2005 I took out a fat student loan to pursue Graphic Design, at the Art Institute of Vancouver. After graduating, I worked a bit of freelance, then got my first job working on the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Online Store as a junior Graphic Designer, doing UI/UX, Advertising, and Marketing. This was a great experience, as I got exposure to a number of different aspects of digital design.

In 2011 I landed, what was at the time, my dream job at EA Sports, working on FIFA! As a gamer and competitive soccer player growing up, this really was a dream come true. My time at EA was amazing! I grew as a designer and leader. Most importantly I was able to learn 3D and Motion Design, on the company dime. Ultimately, this is why I'm here, and why I no longer work at EA.

I got into NFTs in January 2021. A friend told me about this App called Clubhouse. I logged in and put my interests to: Art, Design, Technology, Entrepreneurship. All of the sudden, these rooms about NFTs started showing up in my feed. At the same time, 3D artists that I follow on Instagram started posting about NFTs and how they are changing the game for artists. I guess the stars were aligning. This is where I became obsessed.

Every day and night, I was listening and learning about crypto and NFTs. I then launched a couple 1/1's that didn't sell. After that my next attempt was to create a 100 piece collection; Rare Diamond Hands. I posted 50 without a single sale. Eventually, I was able to build relationships in this community and find collectors that wanted to get behind my project.

Around this time, I met Gaper. We met on Clubhouse during his Chiptopunk sculpture NFT launch event. I loved his concept of making art with computer parts so much, I reached out to him after the event. I told him, bro! with your concept and my abilities in 3D, we can partner and build something special. 3 months later, we launched Chiptos Genesis and the rest is history.

What I've learned this past year in NFTs, is that this technology will change the world. In addition, the convergence of art and technology is a launchpad for communities! While Chiptos started purely off art, this community is now the catalyst. We are very excited about the vision and what we are building long-term. We hope you want to take this journey with us.

Good to know: We met during the Chiptopunks Clubhouse Drop Party in May 2021.

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