Frequently asked questions.

What is Chiptos all about?

We see Chiptos as the bridge between the traditional technology space and the newer Web 3 technology space. A brand that will become the voice and face of the hardware space.

The main focus of Chiptos is to develop and bring together a community that benefits from information, education and the value of the brand that we're all building together. Our vision is that our community not only benefits from the digital side, but as well as being able to benefit in the physical world via hardware collaborations/drops.

What can we expect from being apart of Chiptos?

Our vision is that Chiptos will become the biggest Web 3 brand to connect with the physical hardware space. Each and every holder will be able to participate in ongoing collaborations, educational spaces and alpha chats. As well as first rights on any hardware collaborations.

Chiptos is about networking with those who love computers, building computers, coding, or just enjoy learning about technology, and mixing all of that with our common love of trading and collecting NFTs.

Check Utility for more detailed information.

Where can I buy a Chipto?

Secondary sales are currently only located on OpenSea - don't get scammed! Only purchase from verified links - check out our official linktr.ee here.

What are the commercial rights?

Holders are extended full commercial rights to use the specific image tied to the NFT that they own.

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