Custom Poses

Video Example: Alright, in this next video, we'll work on creating custom poses for the Chiptos characters. This process may be a bit more challenging, and you might encounter some issues along the way, but it's quite rewarding once you get the hang of it.

To create custom poses, we'll start by using existing animations from the Chiptos characters. Let's go to "Chiptos Characters -> Mirai -> Animations" in the Content Browser. Choose an animation you want to repose. For example, let's select "Mirai_Land."

If you want the starting point of your custom pose to be at a specific frame, keep it at that frame or remember the frame number. Next, go to "Edit" in the Sequencer and click "Make Control Rig." Then, click "Bake to Control Rig."

After that, something interesting happens. The characters may go to the origin, and you'll see them there. Simply delete the two walls that appear and come back to the frame you chose. Then click "Clear All" at the bottom, collapse the sequence, and delete the second one. Finally, hit the Spacebar, and the character should be in the desired frame.

Now, you can scroll through the animation, but for a static one-frame pose, we'll focus on that specific frame. Let's say we want to make Mirai sit. We'll start with frame three again. To have more control over the arms and hands, go to "Global" and turn off the checkboxes for those body parts.

To pose Mirai, select different body parts and use the rotate tool to adjust them. You can use the Gizmo options to change the transform type, but for the most part, we'll be using the rotation tool and not scaling. Feel free to pose Mirai in any way you like, keeping in mind anatomical correctness.

For example, let's raise her arms and make her look in a particular direction. If you want to move her eyes, use the move tool and click the whole frame to select it. Zoom in and adjust her eyes accordingly.

Next, you might want to lift one of her legs. Once you're satisfied with the pose, it's time to export it. Go back up, collapse the sequence, right-click on "Mirai_Land," and choose "Bake Pose Asset."

In the dialog box, you can name the pose. Let's call it "Kung Fu Pose" for this example. Select the destination folder, such as the "Animations" folder, and click "OK."

Now, Mirai is posed in the desired way. You can delete the sequencer and go back to the Content Browser. Here you'll find the "SK_Mirai_KungFuPose" asset. Open it, turn up the weight to 1.0, and Mirai will be in the pose you created.

To save this pose as an animation, go to "Create Asset" and choose "Create Animation -> Current Pose." Name the animation, like "Kung Fu Animation," and select the destination folder.

That's it! Now you can drag Mirai into your level, and she will be in the custom pose you created. It's a relatively simple and straightforward process. In the next video, we'll discuss exporting other things like GLB. Stay tuned!

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