Mixamo Retargeting

Video Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGnd5-5Lego Alright, welcome back, everybody, to another video. In this video, we'll talk about taking Mixamo animations and applying them to the Chiptos avatars in Unreal Engine.

First, go to Mixamo and create a free account. Once you have an account, access a variety of animations. For our purposes, we'll use the YBot character. If you don't see YBot, search for it. Select YBot and click "Download" in T-pose.

Next, choose an animation. Make sure YBot is still selected, then go to the "Animations" tab. Let's choose a hip-hop dance animation and click "Download" for YBot (the blue bot) without skin. Drag both the YBot file and the downloaded animation to your desktop.

Now, let's move to Unreal Engine. In the Content Browser, create a new folder called "Mixamo." Drag the YBot file into the folder and click "Import All." You can ignore any message log that appears.

Now that we have YBot in Unreal Engine, we can import the YBot animations. Open the hip-hop dance animation and ensure the skeleton is set to "Y_Bot_Skeleton." Click "Import All."

To make these animations work with the Chiptos avatars, we'll use a special retargeter we've created. Right-click the animation, go to "Retarget Animation Assets," and choose "Duplicate and Retarget Animation Assets." Select "YBot_Mirai" in the retargeter and open it. Type "YBot_Mirai_Retarget" as the prefix and click "Retarget."

And there you go! Now you can use the Mixamo hip-hop dance animation on the Chiptos avatars. Keep in mind that not all animations will be perfect, but they should work for the most part.

Drag the retargeted animation into your project, and you're good to go.

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