UE4/5 Retargeting

Video Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFzHyosEzeI

Alright, everybody, welcome to the Chiptos full-body assets tutorial. Today, we're going to cover how to get the files and open them. These are the files you should have downloaded. Once you have them, extract them to your desktop. I already have it here. We'll be working with Mirai today, so the same process applies. Open Mirai and drag it to your desktop, then you can open it. In the Mirai folder, you'll find the textures for Mirai and the actual 3D asset, the FBX file.

Now let's move on to Unreal Engine. Go to the Unreal project Mirai and double-click on Mirai full body to open it. Unreal Engine should start opening. Mine is opening in a different window, so I'll drag it over here in a second. When it opens, it should look like this.

Today, we'll focus on retargeting animations from Unreal Engine 5 and Unreal Engine 4. These are the default skeletons for Unreal Engine, so you can use this process to retarget animations for the Chiptos full-body models. Let's start with Unreal Engine 5 animations. Go to Mannequins → Animations, and choose any animation. These are the Unreal Engine 5 skeletons we'll make work on Mirai.

To retarget the animation, right-click on it and select "Retarget animation assets" → "Duplicate and retarget animation assets." In the retargeting window, go to "IK Retargeter" and click the drop-down menu. Choose "Unreal Engine 5 to Mirai." Type "Mirai" as a prefix, such as "Mirai_Retarget."

That's it! Now you can drag in the Mirai animation, and it should play when you start the level. Additionally, if you click "Play" in this level, you'll see Mirai pre-loaded, allowing you to run around and jump with her.

If you want to retarget Unreal Engine 4 animations, the process is similar. Go to the animations folder, find the desired animation, right-click, and choose "Retarget animation assets" → "Duplicate." Instead of "UE5 to Mirai," this time select "UE4 to UE5 Mannequin." Type "UE5_Retarget" as the prefix.

To make the animation work for Mirai, follow the same process as before, "UE5 to Mirai," and add the prefix "Mirai_Retarget."

And that's it! Now you can use the retargeted Unreal Engine 4 and 5 animations for Mirai in Unreal Engine. Thank you, guys!

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